Enrolling Your New Entrant Child

Children who live within the ‘home zone’   HVS Enrolment Scheme  are eligible to enrol once they reach 5 years of age. As a school we appreciate that beginning school is a very big step and therefore we try to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.

We advise parents/caregivers to contact the office manager (admin@houghton.school.nz) or principal (principal@houghton.school.nz) as soon as possible to obtain an
HVS Info Booklet 2022 and HVS Enrolment Form 2022.  The
2019-21 HVS Charter is below. Once you have decided on HVS please fill in enrolment form and returned to the school with a copy of birth certificate or passport, immunisation certificate. We also encourage prospective parents/caregivers to phone the office ph: 939-3318 to arrange a time to meet with the principal and have a tour of the school.

Transitioning your New Entrant

Once enrolled and your child is due to begin school please read the  “Transition Info – Good things to know”  booklet HVS Transition to School 2022 . In the weeks prior to your child beginning school our new entrants’ teacher will phone or email to arrange two visits for you and your child.  These visits provide your child with the opportunity to meet the classroom teacher, the chance to meet the other children in the class, to establish some friendships and to gain confidence in the school environment. It enables them to participate in the classroom programme and become aware of some of the routines and systems that are in place in the classroom.

The visit mornings are on a Thursday from 9.00am until 11.00am. I recommend bringing some morning tea for your child and a water bottle. Caregivers are required to stay for the morning.

Enrolling Children Who Are Moving From Another School

Providing you live within the Houghton Valley School zone HVS Enrolment Scheme you may enrol your child at any time. We prefer to meet with you and your child prior to enrolment, so that we can get to know you before your child begins at Houghton Valley School.

Information regarding Houghton Valley School

HVS Info Booklet 2022

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More Help

Please contact us for more information or if you need a copy of the enrolment pack to be sent in the post.  admin@houghton.school.nz ph: 939-3318