The teacher with Library responsibility in 2020 is Ashleigh Kulwant.

Our Student Librarians open the library for our tamariki at lunchtimes from 1.00-1.30pm

The Mission/Vision stuff:

Our Library is a welcoming, safe, neutral environment where staff, parents and students can research, browse, read or relax.

The Library programme of class visits provides methodical guided learning based on a Library curriculum designed to teach research skills and literary appreciation.

The collection reflects the NZ Primary School curriculum to encourage research as well as reading for pleasure.

We aims to foster curiosity about the world around us, inspire enthusiasm for learning and feed the imagination.

We want our students to:

  • Know how to find and use specific material on-line and in books
  • Critically appreciate the role of author and illustrator
  • Understand the importance of reading
  • Love reading

The nitty-gritty stuff:

Books can be returned to the Returns Box any time the school is open.


We’re fairly flexible with how many and how often students borrow.

But we expect the two week loan period to be respected;  after two weeks books are to be returned or renewed.

Parents are encouraged to join the Library to borrow as many books as they like to share with their children. (Come and sign up with Joanna).

Over holiday periods, larger quantities of books can be borrowed in Red Bags.

The fun stuff:

The Librarian and Student Librarians run an activity club each Wednesday lunchtime in Terms 2 & 3. Topics vary wildly but are related to books in our collection. Attendance is voluntary.