Room 3 – Year 5/6


John Harland

Kia Ora

My name is John Harland and I’m from a small town called Corby in the UK. I arrived in Wellington in June 2018 and began teaching Year 5/6 at Houghton Valley in August 2018.

I’m thrilled to be teaching in a school which has a strong focus on outdoor learning. PE is my specialist subject and the incredible facilities at Houghton Valley will enable me to utilize this skillset to its full potential. My aim is to create a classroom environment conducive to learning, so that every child has the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential within each of my lessons.

After the completion of my degree in Primary and Secondary PE at Liverpool John Moores University, I moved back to my hometown to begin my teaching career. I taught Year 6 for two years and Year 5 for one year before deciding to go travelling. I travelled in Asia for 3 and a half months before moving to Sydney, Australia, where I worked as a relief teacher before securing a job in a primary school, teaching English and Mathematics to Year’s 1-4. When my Australian visa expired, I spent 3 weeks travelling the South Island of New Zealand, before returning to Asia to travel for a further 2 and a half months. I then returned to my old job in England to teach Year 4 whilst applying for teacher accreditation in NZ.

My hobbies outside the classroom include reading, exercising, football/supporting Liverpool FC, travelling and socializing with my friends.

I welcome and encourage parental involvement in the learning process so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at

Thank you!