Learning Support Students

When we developed our 2015 Charter, HVS made a commitment to improve the way we work with children at risk of poor educational outcomes and confidence.

We will know our strategy has been implemented if:

  • teachers identify, understand and address learning issues to support all students to achieve high quality educational outcomes by implementing a diverse curriculum allowing for personal learning styles, collaboration and inquiry.
  • resources and accommodation are available at the school to support special learning needs.
  • our children have opportunities to engage and excel in core subjects, as well as a variety of arts, language and sport.

At Houghton Valley School students with learning support needs are identified and provided with appropriate support.  The need to offer quality education programmes for all students is mandated in law and fundamental human rights. The Education Act (1989) entitles students with special education needs to full inclusion in the state education system. The school aims to provide programmes and services that encourage all students to learn to their full potential.

We identify children requiring a learning support programme and provide appropriate support that may include the opportunity for small groups and the provision of individualised programmes to achieve specified learning outcomes.

We employ teacher aides to assist in the delivery of teaching and learning. Teacher aides always work under the guidance and instruction of qualified teachers.

The school uses a range of targeted programmes including Lexia, Spring Into Maths and Reading Recovery to assist in students’ development.

Giftedness and Talented Students

At Houghton Valley School we recognise that Giftedness or Talent (G+T) can exist in a number of domains of performance or endeavour. Gifted and talented students are identified and receive specific educational attention. These students may require differentiated learning programmes beyond those normally provided in the classroom.

Houghton Valley School will assess students for giftedness or talent in the following domains:

  • Intellectual or academic abilities as well as creativity through:
  • expression through physical activity or sport;
  • culture specific abilities and qualities;
  • expression through the visual and performing arts;
  • social or leadership abilities

Being gifted means being exceptional in one or more areas compared to other people of a similar age. Giftedness is inherited (nature) but is also developed by external influences (nurture). Giftedness can be found among people from all cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and among people who have physical, sensory, and learning disabilities.

HVS uses a range of programmes such as the Otago Maths Challenge, ICAS examinations and external opportunities offered by education providers to support these students. One Day School (ODS), a weekly G+T school, is also an option. The inquiry learning method currently being developed and implemented at HVS allows students to frame their own questions and work at their own level and pace, particularly suiting gifted and talented students.

Teacher Miriam Gaynor is the driving force behind these areas.  Please do not hesitate to contact her for more information.